Finally! My own K800i

Monday, April 30, 2007

I finally get my K800i!!!
I've been waiting to own this phone ever since its announcement from Sony Ericsson a year ago. The only thing that kept me from buying it it's 1) M2 Memory Card (incredibly expensive) 2) Price!!!

I remember it cost like 4 million rupiah (around 370 usd) when it first launched, and you get nothing except for data cable and a handsfree.

About a month a go, I hunt through some forum to look for the current price for this phone, and I stumbled to this deal: A guy who want to sell his K800i because he hardly ever use it.

I checked the photos he gave me, and I settled on a deal 2.5 with a 512 M2 memory card. I immedietly wired him some money for down payment, and soon. I got my K800i!!!!

and what's best is: when I checked the phone, it's only been used for 12 hours!! How cool is that!??