New Rant for New Blog

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So Friendster finally jump into the bandwagon and create their own blogs? Should I say finally or who cares? since there's already a lot of blogs at least, I already got an audience, if my friends willing to be ;) in friendster hehehehe.

btw, I wonder if you can post external link here, for picture and stuff, or should I use to paid subscription. Does anyone knows?

There's a friend's wedding on Friday on a town (three hours train ride long) near where I live. Both of them are my friends in the Uni. So I'll probably meet a lot of friends (hopefully) from the uni :) though I was the 'black sheep' of the gang, always getting bullied and made fun of, but I'm pretty cool with it. What a guy got to do to please his friends, eh?

Also missed my cousins, which scattered around the world :) so guys, send me a message once in a while so I'll know that you're still alive okay :D