Strange Happenings

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I can't update my blog yesterday. Does this happen to everyone?

Anyway, on Monday night, I should have had a DnD Session with some friends of mine. But it happens that the DM (Dungeon Master, a VERY integral part of the session) decided that he's not in the mood to play. So I ended up wasting a couple of hours doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Not that it his fault, you see, he's been sick for the past week, so the 'ol Ball-Chain would've restrict him to play anyway.
The joy of married life eh?
He better gives us a few extra session this week or else!

Oh, I've Uploaded a couple of new pictures from the Bandung Road Trip. So check them out.

Now, Meteos, God! this game addictive! Even a friend of mind, who claimed that he hate puzzle game was playing this game withouth turning his DS off for 1.5 day ever since I uploaded the demo to his DS. A funny thing about the demo of this game. From the demo itself, they can spawn them to another DS which make an excellent marketing strategy if there's plenty of DS to go around, and I hope it will be.

Also, April fools day are coming. So what crazy news will we found around that time? Only time will tell