Friday, August 05, 2005

So finally, 3 weeks a go, my Bro got engaged. It's due time I guess and probably to everyone surprises (especially those who knew him at high school) lol.

So we went to Cirebon that day, a very tiring 3 hours trip with the train. When we arrived. Lanny (my Bro fiancee) meet us at the station and took us to lunch nearby to taste the local food :D
We stayed at this remote resort hotels on a hill some where. It got a 'water massage spa' that I get to try later in the evening. You can check the photo album for it :)

Anyway, the engagement itself is nothing special really (how should this thing go anyway? I don't have a clue). Bunch of laugh, and talk, plan of marriage date, almost everybody from her family was there. Me, I got my bro (obviously), my parents, and two of my dad's sister. Later we went to dinner with her family. There were some mixed up in the restaurant, and all the family got separated due to space.

Just check the photo album guys.