Too Much of a Good Thing is Really Bad

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Everything started with a bad things at first, for instance, last Saturday I lost my ATM card. Is not that bad, I can get it back pretty easily with just patience, the thing is, I hate myself for being so stupid. I know people would probably say, "It's human nature to make mistake...". I just don't want to afford one again :). Okay, enough of that

There are some kind of Nintendo Conference yesterday in Japan and guess what? More and more and more and MORE interesting and good games are announced. For starters,

Children of Mana


Final Fantasy 3 (not the US's 3)

I recall playing FF3 entirely in Japan on the original Famicom with my friend Morris. It took us about 3 months just to finish it because we don't uderstand what really going on. At one point we actually stuck because we don't know that we have to palce one of the stone on its proper place.

So all this good games for my beloved DS, is it good? Yes, more games always good, is it bad? Hell yeah, this probably means that i will missing owning some of the games (just like during the Nes Era), sigh... in short, too much game to buy!!!!!

I just hope they won't released too close to each other, hehehehhehe.