So long, and still the same

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Yeah So, nothing new today, is just that today I meet up with a couple of old friend from Uni, well.. not really. They're just in the same uni with me, though not in the same Major, but all three of us have something in common that binds us together (what is this? a spin off LOTR Novel? Lol!!) which is: Drawing Manga!!.

Ok first, introduction.

Ciek, and..... geez..... that loudmouth just deleted the picture I took using my mobile. Anyway, you guys can check his friendster here he have a very good skill in drawings, ever the loudmouth and never afraid to speak up his mind, and that's a good thing for him (although not enough people in this country appreciate that kind of feat). And the other one is a bubbly girl who is a Clamp (the comic book team, not the moves :P) lover, named A Yin. She's also have a very good skill (although a bit Clamp-centrique) but a bit lazy. Though, in that laziness, she already made 4 comic published under Elex Media Komputindo (and very cute though you can see from the photo I took).

We ended up having dinner together at Pizza Hut. Getting a poor service for my taste. In the end, pretty enjoyable day :P. There's nothing better than sit with your friends, catch up, and talk about things. Past work, future plans, and stuff. For instance, Ciek is getting married on November, A Yin is going back to Bali to help his aunt with her business. Looking foward in meeting them again :D