Spiderman 3

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I just watched Spiderman - 3 today. It's a movie than almost everyone and definetely most comic geeks are waiting to see, right? The last two was awesome, this one should be better, right? I'm a comic geek. So I should praise this one like the second coming (or third-whatever), right?


No, is not like the movie is bad or anything, it's just I found it....lacking.

It's still a good film, an enjoyable one, but not perfect, or over the top.

Maybe my expectation was too high, or maybe because I know almost everything about Spiderman as I grew up with him.

But it's just..... meh....

Maybe it's because there's too many character going on in one screen, in the previous two, there's only one villain that Spidey would deal with.
This time... it's THREE. While they are cool villains though because of the screen time, the characterization is no where as perfect as Dr. Octopus in Spiderman 2
Personally, there's too much spiralling falling down scene in this movie when they're fighting (but that just me :P)

So if anyone feel the same, or have anything to add, just drop me a comment :P