It's War Time!!!!

Monday, April 04, 2005

Finally, after long wait, I got my World of Warcraft account on saturday!! Woohooo!!! I've played from 10:00 PM till 6:00 AM. Leveling my Character up to level 10. With an hour of sleep in between :D

A funny thing just happen, I died (in the game) and I move my spirit to where my body is, but I was sleepy so accidentaly I move to under a log. I though I was fine (I'm a gnome) but then, I find that I can't move even a milimeters from where I at. And it doesn't help when a guy beside me who looks like a flock of hair, is BICKERING like no tommorrow!!! Luckyly after shouting to all others (in game) I found a pretty usefull button called 'unstuck' within the help button. And I return to the graveyard and begin my trek once again.

So for those who play the game, I'm at Nerz'hul, palying as a female gnome Warrior called Naraa.

See you in game!