Blargh! Weekend

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I was sick through the whole week. Can't play, can't level up my character... damn it! I was partially well on saturaday so I was able to go to the NDS Gathering that I set up. I was able to play against the guys there and even take them out during multiplayer :D (Hah, I'm good) but then I spend most of the time sitting and telling people how to properly play the game and browse the net for news (eskei happen to bring a laptop)

I spend the WHOLE sunday in bed, doing ABSOLUTELY nothing but sleeping. I didn't even go to the office on monday. But I figure I was well enough to play DnD on monday night. Manage to gangbang a Vampire too without any party members getting wounded. Ha! that'll teach any monster try to mess with my dnd party :D. Actually it's more due to the badluck of the DM rolling almost never above 10 on a d20 dice :P. So we're up to level 4 now!!! One more level and my fighter can finally become a ranger :D