Proud Friend

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I accompany Bing-Bing to her EsMod competition final on Sunday and to everyone surprise, she won! I mean, it's not that her design was bad or anythig, it's just that the other contestants have excellent design too! As evident in the recently uploaded photoalbum here. As her friend, I'm extremely proud of her :) You Go girl! She got a 4 days round trip to Paris and a year of scholarship in EsMod (it's a fashion design school in Jakarta) she can opt not to take it though. But if she's serious in this subject, I think it's wise for her to take it, right?

So anyway, after the competition, I left her and continue playing World of Warcraft, and this is an actual conversation happen in the Game:

[Ishkar]: You're a cute Gnome
[Naraa] (Me): Thanks
[Ishkar]: So are you really a girl?
[Naraa]: Hmm, take a guess
[Ishkar: It's kinda difficult since there's so many male player play the game using a female avatar
[Naraa]: True, but you can tell from the way they speak to you
- Partying up, then fighting monster-
- moments later -
[Ishkar]: So, are you cute in RL (Real life)?
[Naraa]: Well, everybody think themselves cute :)
- More fights with monster -
[Ishkar]: Do you have a man already?
[Naraa]: wtf??
[Naraa]: Dude! I'm a guy!
[Ishkar]: lol

Come on!!! Do I really talk like a girl?? Please folks, players and people online can be really naive sometimes and this is prove to not believe anything you meet/saw/talk to on the 'net until you got a hard proof of it :D