Hoi Hoi San Finished!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

I worked on Hoi Hoi San last night and finished her too. Boy, she's something alright. Took me about 4 hours doing her while watching a couple of episode of Ninkyo helper.

She's pretty good when finished, can't say I'm a fan of Kotobukiya plamo Quality though. Sometimes there are pieces that doesn't fit really well with each other and I need to cut a bit off in order for them to fit.

And no, this is not my first experience with Kotobukiya kit. My First one is a Hucklebein (from super robot war), even then the quality of material and mold is still far compared to Bandai.
Hoi Hoi San, 4 years later, have better quality than Hucklebein, to be honest. SO I have no regrets in getting her

Like Gundam, you start from the feet, up to her waist. Even building her panties too. No Problem so far, but the feet and the ankle does not fit snugly enough for my taste

I wish the skirt are made of rubber though, since it's plastic, though it's not flexible for articulation. It still look good.

Now this photo shows her torso opened. At first I had planned to fit a MP3 player onsode her. But seeing how small her torso is from the inside, Especially with the ball jointed waist, Now I'm not so sure. At least, I'm not so sure I can fit something inside of her AND keeping her articulation at the same time.

This shows the USB connector slot on the side, which the base of my idead, now I'm not so sure

Torso and Skirt assembled, showing details on her apron.

This is the 'face' that comes with her. At her promotion picture, I though there will be some kind of mechanism for her eye, I'm mistaken. Sadly :P

Head finished! If you notice, her eyelash and eyebrow are pre painted. but you got the water decal as well should you decide to paint her

This is the most troublesome part of HoiHoi San, The hair. The middle hair are two piece part,a hair and a ball joint connector. It's not molded together, and you HAVE to glue it together otherwise it'll fall off easily. Even the manual state so

Hoi Hoi San, ready for action!

Now Yotsuba-chan have a friend to play with

I'd say I'm really happy with my purchase, there are a few gripes, but they are minor. I'm pretty sure Kotobukiya surprised by her popularity and now decide to milk her dry, as evidenced by the last plamo show


  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Do kits normally come with pre-painted eyes or do you generally have to paint them yourself?

  3. CaTZ Says:
  4. The eyes are pre-applied stickers. They even include water decal eyelash and eyebrow should you decide to paint her

  5. Anonymous Says:
  6. I thought it'd be like eagle-eye action man and have a switch you changed the position of the eyes with lol. Alas, turned out not to be like that.

    She is super lovely, and its mighty addiction to get more I gotta say, but the hair was sooooooo fiddly, and I'm paranoid about it popping out lol.