TF: Device Label Packaging Pics

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ever since I saw the first preview of this product, I always knew I'm going to get it, especially the ravage one. Now after a long wait, we get to see the actual product photo and its packaging.

Truthfully? I think it's a rip off for a 2Gb Thumb Drive, really.

But the cool factor negates all logic (in my brain, at least). A thumb drive that transform to Ravage! Imagine that!

Pretty big for a thumb drive, isn't it?

The Packaging.

The back of the box shows the other in the line, which is USB Drive Ravage, Optical mouse Grimlock, and USB Hub Blaster. They said you could put a cassetron inside blaster.

Now THAT's tempting

I wonder if he comes with this clear stand?

Simple transformation, but cool nonetheless

The memory encase in it's head, you just have to flip it out to reveal the usb connector

Ravage & Tigatron together