Collective Responsibility

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Most people who's close to me would know by know, the most unexpected development in my life.

I became a university lecture, teaching Game Development Class.



For most people who know me,


for a long time, that's probably the biggest joke in life :D

SO, never mind about that.

The point is, my class is about game development and it's divided into two semester. Well, it was planned that the class consist of IT students and design students, for some reason unknown to me, the class wasn't offered to the IT students.

SO to compensate, me and Erik, a fellow lecture, bent on teaching how to design a workable gameplay mechanic.

Without IT students

The result? We asked them to create a board game. Since, That way, we though, it would enable them to create a game without an IT students, and learn about gameplay design at the same time.

So, up to this month, 11th week not counting mid-term, after few weeks of theory and practice, they created a nice, playable and a very good Prototype.

Most of them, at least.

Selling Game
The first game we tested today, was a game about selling stuff to customer, the customer ask for certain things, and it's the job of the player to provide it to them to score points.

The Media is card game, there's still a lot to improve, for instance, a score board for easier tracking, but so far it's playable to finish.

Island Escape
The 2nd game tested was a game about escaping Island. A bunch of of kids stranded in a Island, and they have to escape. Actually, the means of escape is already there, but they have to pay.

So the kids have to treasure hunt across the islands, gathering coins while checking how much food they have, to get to the leaving ship.

It probably have the best reaction fo the two, with the students shouting "Huurahs" every time a harvest card event get revealed.
In their adventure the kids will get to find sunken ship, meet pirates ship, moneky island (not the game, in literal sense).

Sadly, that's about it for today's class, there's still three groups that unable to show their product. Which is kinda sad for me, since I've been expecting to try them all out.

So if the groups in my class happen to read this, there's a keyword to describe what will happen

Collective Responsibility
look it up.

Making the work lighter is not the only reason why this is done in groups


  1. satyahody Says:
  2. membanggakan! kapan2 dipublish/share ya hasil2nya :)

  3. CaTZ Says:
  4. so pasti, karena mereka harus bikin sampe packagingnya juga