Class Update

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Due to a combination of busyness/laziness/sickness, I didn't update the class progress last week. My bad. So here I am, just minutes away from taking off to class, updating my blog :P

(God, this connection is so slow when you need them the most :( )

Selling Game

Nothing new to report here, just minor adjustment to the cards and rules

Island Escape

Map already being made, although still on the rough side, more adjustment to the rule

Trick or Treat Game
This one is not available for review last week. This game is about Trick or Treating, where the player have to visit the houses in order to gain candies (as victory points), the will need various costumes and a lot of events will happens to them in each turn.

A lot to modify in this game, the game and its presentation is still very rough, imo

Thief Game
This one is a detective game. The players have to work together to catch the thief player. While the thief player give out a couple of hints in where he go and by what, the other player have to figure out where the thief actually is and trap them.

Pretty good and playable, but the bad things is, this is close to "Scotland Yard" but just in different skin. Lot will have to be reworked to make it dissimilar.

Looking for Love Game
Now this is a very interesting concept and a (planned) presentation. This one about three girls pursuing their love, who happen to be the same guy (lol).

They pursue them across the world and in whole different cities. They planned this to mix it with pop up book presentation, only time will tell how will that go :)