Knock Off Benefit

Monday, November 02, 2009

Last Weekend, a friend of mine showed me a cheap Chinese knock off of Transformer Animated Jazzl.

The look of this toys is very VERY close to the original product, with a couple of notable details. Of course, for the UNinformed (e.g. lots of parents EVERYWHERE), this toy could pass as the real deal. ESPECIALLY without the fugly package.

This Jazz is missing the light-pimping feature on his eyes, the side light on the front, transforming nunchuck exhaust, and the ball join on its neck.

It retain almost all of the original articulation (as you can see in the pictures)

I know, for some, this can be considered a blasphemy on the series., but consider this:

Transformer toys cost no twice, but almost THREE times its original value in the states. A TF movie deluxe that cost $12 in the states will easily cost Rp.300.000,- (about $31 on current exchange) here (I live in Indonesia, btw). This will make toys like this a luxury goods instead of, you know, toys for kids.

IF I have kids, most likely I'll be buying these cheap knock off for them and 'keeping' the original save for 'when they're older' :D. There is now way I'll let kids handle something so expensive if they could amuse themselves with something so cheap :D

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  1. DasaMan Says:
  2. Hoo, now I haven't found that one. I have only found Knock Off Cybertron Evac and Jetfire nearby. Any other knock offs like that?