Life is so strange...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I've been in this company for what now? 4 years, more I think, I found my old contract document, and it stated March 24th, 2002. 4 Years, 1 month, and 2 days now. I never imagine I’ve stayed this long here and I've experienced many things, both Good, bad, and even worst.

And after all those time, I'm quitting. Beginning next month, I'll be in a new place starting fresh and anew.

It really feels strange to me. As the day got closer to my last days. I mean, all those years, this place felt like home to me. I put a lot of my reference book here, my toys, things that I couldn't even place properly at home. This place is as close as a family to me. I had fun in this place, yet, I feel empty as well, and that feeling become unbearable after seeing all my friends come and goes.
Still it's hard for me to leave this place

Then, nevertheless, I leave it all... why?

Because what I want to achieve need some other experience that I'm being offered to, that offer is a chance to obtain even better future (hopefully) for me. I Pray that my 'calculated gamble' here paid off and I'll have what I'm looking for all this time