Super Mario Bross Magnet Art

Friday, April 21, 2006

Super Mario Bross Magnet Art

Super Mario Bross Magnet Art

Like most of my friend knew, I went back to Surabaya last weekend,
since it's Good Friday last week and so it's long weekend for most

I found this thing sitting alone in a shelf on one of the store
there. It's a magnetic art, distributed as a trading arts, just like
gachapons/ Trading Cards, as in, you don't get to pick the insides,
it's all random.

The box itself is a replica of the original Super Mario Bros Famicom
Cart. Same artwork, different background and the '2' on the corner
that probably shows the series number. What I got its very simple, so
simple I wonder how justified the Rp. 52.000,- price tag. It's a
diorama of Mario and bullet Bills, a replica to be exact, of the game
screen. For most fans, or whoever played this game before, it brings
a sense of nostalgia to me.

I heard there's a lot of this kind of things in Japan. I wonder if
I'm able to pre-order these things...