When A Game Lies to You

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When A Game Lies to You

Recently, all the game I played in my DS is not Megaman Battle
Network, NOT the uber cool Metroid Prime: Hunter, or even the ever
popular Tetris DS!

The game I played everyday is the 'game' Brain Age: Train Your Brain
a Minute a Day (yes the title is that long). It's not a game per se.
It's an application, designed to actually, literally train your
brain. It gave you a series of training program, and keep track of
the changes of your brain activities. Sounds boring rite? it's not,
believe me. It's not. It's actually pretty cool, and it's not a
'game' that designer to be playe more than 15 minutes each day. So
you keep going back for more.

Now, in the end of the training, the 'game' will give you a series of
test to determine how old is your brain, in terms of its activities.
Today, in attempt of some lame ingame joke, the 'game' told me that
my brain age is 7-freakin'-4!!!! After that it changed it to the
correct number which is 24, but seriously, 74? Geez!!!