Sunday, April 02, 2006


I caught V for Vendetta yesterday. And boy, it is really good! And
somehow, inspiring :D. It's based on a comic with the same name from
Alan Moore. You know, from the creator of League of Extraordinary
Gentlemen. Also published by DC - Vertigo. Alas, the latter movie was
a dreadful attempt to translate. But I'll recommend V to everyone,
should they ask for my opinion of it :D

Anyhow, I managed to finish TR-1 Advanced Hazel too. Heh, my bro did
something very stupid and I needed to get some steam off me and what
better way to calm myself by building Gundams :D

Let me tell you about this particular MS story. It's never appear ini
any of the Gundam anime (yet). It came first as a background story
for a GM Quel modification, and later evolve to a background story
about the story of Titans Test Team. A team that responsible to test
a prototype MS for Titans.

This MS later would evolve to what all Gundam Fans know as Gundam MKII