Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Two weeks ago, I went to Balekambang, a bit remote beach in south of Malang. That is, pretty far away from where I live. I went there with a couple of friends, one who suddenly got into this photo taking hobby and he decided to 'kidnap' me to hunt for photos. The trip is pretty far, we start out at... 9.30 from my house... and after 2 (or more) hours, we stop by in Malang to have our lunch and my friend had to take care of something.

This one I took on a cliff where the guys is taking a leak

Malang was... fresh... i never felt an air so clear for a couple of years now, maybe it's a curse living & working in a big capital city? Who knows. It was refreshing though, last time I went there was three years ago... So anyway After two more hours ride, we finally arrived there.. Not what I expected though... not really clean blue water I find... and besides, it was a bit cloudy and just killed of our purpose (we wanted to get the sunset photos - it's the closest nicest beach to Surabaya :( ). SO we ended up just taking random pictures of sea, and cloud, and sea.. Though Balekambang wasn't so nice as I expected, it doesn't stop couples to do their pre-wedding pictures there. There's at least three couples that are doing the pictures. One even went so far as setting up a small... thing (dunno the words) for the pictures

A somewhat sunset view of the beach and a... thingy

So we would've finished around 6, but some setbacks made us stay longer. We park the car to close to the beach, so the sand beneath the car gave away when we tried to leave, so we kinda.... trapped. It's not until two other camera men from the pre-wed groups help us to literally drag the car out of the sand :) We finally arrived back at Surabaya round 10.. not without stopping at Malang to eat a wonderfully nice & spice red rawon... recommendable. Everyone in the area should try it out

Well, today's plan is to go to Bromo for more photo hunting of a sunrise. With bigger number of gang :D Just wait for the photos!!! Here are the photos I took during the event. I apologize for the quality. It's just a camera phone and incomparable to what the guys used :P