Sunrise at Bromo

Friday, June 22, 2007

Bromo, one of the recommended view to see the sun rise in java.

Where the weather is extremely cold for us Indonesian, and the path is steep and uncomfortable (not to mention expensive) and where you have to pay Rp 3000,- for a small glass of hot tea.

It's pretty cold when we arrived. Some of us never went to Bromo before, and caught off-handed by the weather :) We're having difficulties to setting up our camera due to the cold

The sun about to rise, we're getting ready to capture them...


When the fog cleared, we finally get to see all the mountain range from what we're standing (which is called 'Penanjakan'). Pretty breathtaking view, don't you think? By then, the weather has been pretty good for us, and it feels sooo nice too

Pretty far below, you can see a Hindunese temple, right near the foot of the mountain. We didn't get to visit the place though, so enjoy the bird eye view of it! :D

After we climb down the mountain, we crossed the desert to visit a small lake in the area. We can't directly view the lake from the car so we had to walk... about 20 minutes to reach it

The Lake was okay though, not as beautiful as we wanted, but we get to play around on the tall grass, taking picture, and all that stuff.

Oh well, it was pretty fun though, here, enjoy the rest of the pictures I took