The breathtaking Sempu

Friday, June 22, 2007

Just last week, jus exactly a week after Bromo, I went to this small island on south Malang, right next to Sendangbiru beach called "Sempu"

The road there is not as far as to Balekambang, and the road is definitely smoother.

When we arrived, the weather was nice. The sea was calm, and we have to cross to the island by renting aboat

Sendang biru

The calm sea

Before I continue, I think I need to explain what we're doing here.

My friends Suryo, is helping his cousin to shoot a pre wedding picture set here. He was told that we can find a really beautiful scenery here,

a trapped body of sea water in the middle of an island,

in the expense of a bit of a walk... as it turned out... that bit of a walk is ONE F&%# hour of trekking through a forest!!!
Here we go... 24 minutes after walking
17 minutes later...
24 minutes later... almost there...
5 minutes later, FINALLY a sign of progress!!!

...and here we are!!! it's truly beautiful as described. What we're at, is behind a tall rocks beside the sea. And there's a 'hole' on the rock there, so when the wave hits, the water spilled to the island but trapped by the rock itself, and thus a small detached (but still deep enough for quick dip) body of sea water is there.

The view is trully amazing

I climbed the cliff to get a better view of things, and it is... beautiful, both the view to the sea and to the 'lake'

This one picture deserve a mention here. Not because it's beautiful, good angle or anything, but I waited like AGES for the wave to splash and most of the time, just when I turn my head around, the wave splash and when I have my camera ready, the sea just... sit there :P

So, after an exhausting journey back... our trip ended...

My final say is, that this is a better place for pre-wed photos, much better than Balekambang... but only if the group and the bride are willing to take the exhausting trek through the forest.

and for those who decide to go... make sure you were a very comfortable SHOES, and carry your sandals with you when you walk at the beach...