Big Surprise!!! and THANK YOU!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Today, just before I went to lunch.. I got a big surprise waiting for me
There's a package waiting for me.

At first I didn't notice anything strange... I got a lot of package lately... mainly the games and or toys I've ordered a couple of months a go.. So I just opened without thinking... and inside there were....

Two Karen Kong CDs!!!

This is a very surprising moment! I know she once contacted me to send me her newest single as a gratitude for translating her newest single 'Akan' from Malay to English... but what I didn't expect is that the package actually arrive and there's also a copy of her FIRST album there.

Is no secret that I'm looking for that album quite frantically, even asked a friend of mine from Singapore to look for it to no avail... and now... I got it!!!

After ripping the tracks to my PC, and upload it to my phone for listening on the way to lunch... I have a pretty good experience in listening to all the songs... My personal favorite is 'Kekasihku'... the others are great (Ku tak upaya is her biggest title in this album I think) though her rendition of La la la Love Song (A Malaysian version of Long Vacation theme song which titled - Na Na Nada Cinta) doesn't match with the rap background vocal she's using for MY taste (but it was good during 'Kekasihku'). Overall pretty good.

Her newest single 'Akan' turns out pretty good. I saw her demo video and reserve judgement until I hear the final piece... which doesn't disappoint.

So again... if you reading this Karen, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! and I wish you luck to all your endavour..