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Monday, March 13, 2006

I don't think I ever talk about Reed previously.

Reed is a cafe. A chocolate cafe to be exact at the Taman Anggrek
Mall in Jakarta. Where the cakes, the drinks, everything, is
chocolate oriented. I went there last Sunday to meet a friend and
discuss a project together (and also check out some cute chicks, the
place is abundant with them during the weekend: D)

So anyway, who knows I ended up back there the day after? You see, I
have some friends coming over from Surabaya to Jakarta because they
wanted to look at some clothes material to buy. I decided to
introduce them to a friend who's basically major on the subject :)).
So, long story short, I'm back at Reed's

I ordered a Strawberry Chocolate Banana Smoothie, quite the opposite
of the 'Midnight' that I ordered the last time (which is basically a
hot dark chocolate - yummy). It's sweet, and cold, and not for those
people who distaste sweet drinks.

Back to Reed
drinking the strawberry thing

Back to Reed
what my friend ordered. It's called 'Dawn' it's basically a hot white chocolate. Haven't tasted it though. Maybe I should, eh? :D