Bad Hair Day

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Bad Hair Day

So I decided to cut my hair off yesterday. And to follow a certain
someone's advice, I decided to not spend too much this time on my hair.

Big Bad Idea

The thing is, I never know what hair look good on this deformed head.
I tend to leave it to the expert to do their job and find something
that actually looks good on it.

So here comes this hairdresser that goes by the name of A, tell me “I
think you should get something a long the line of what your friend
just had” (I was with a friend that day). So that’s 45k down the
drain, with a result that I hated, a style that I want to get rid off
so immediately.

I guess I much prefer that 80k that I spend 4 months ago to cut my
hair Japanese style. Love the guy! But now, I’ll just have to wait
for another month or two before I throw my money to this head of mine.