How long it was??

Thursday, March 02, 2006

GOD! It seems like forever since the last time I make an entry, and
there's already so many things happening to me... Well, not major
ones, minor, but oh do I wish for a major change happen to my life

Ok where was I?

I still work in this damned stressful company, still working my @$$
off for something I Supposedly enjoy. I can't elaborate anything on
that due to professional reasons, but in short, a lot of people here
feel that they're under appreciated, that's all I can say... for now.

Couple of weeks a go, there was a Toy Fair held in Jakarta, and, even-
though I spent only a little of my money there, I ended up with a lot
more than I deserve!!

While I was there, won not one but two zoids model kits, and a star-
wars Lego (the one with the land speeder and the cantina) ^_^. I was
so happy that day but I ended up sick at home, hehehhehe.